Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/31 - Kevin Lynch, 49er Insider

Kevin Lynch joins Gary and Larry to talk about the topic De Jour, Peyton Manning. He gives some updates on the 49er cap situation, free agents and whether or not he thinks the 49ers should go after Peyton Manning. He also says his number one player he'd like to see the 49ers get is...

1/31 - Kevin Harlan, WestWood One

Kevin Harlan of West Wood One, TNT, CBS and currently exploring options abroad, joins Gary and Larry to talk about the Super Bowl in Indy, Joe Montana vs Tom Brady, Coughlin vs Belichick, and yes Blake Griffin's dunk. Up High and down hard.

Friday, January 27, 2012

1/27 - Marvin Jones, CAL Wide Receiver

Live from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama, Marvin Jones joins us to talk about his time at CAL, working with QBS Russel Wilson and and Kellen Moore, where he thinks he's going to go in the draft and what his plans are for his post playing career. Kate offers, "Go Bears!".

1/27 - Jarrett Bell, USA Today

The great National Football writer from USA Today Jarrett Bell joins us to talk about the NC Championship, the upcoming Super Bowl and if there is a chance Peyton Manning comes to the 49ers. The answer may surprise you. And me. And Peyton.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/25 - John Shea, Nation Basebll Writer

John Shea of the SF Chronicle joins Gary and Larry for a no holds barred discussion on Barry Bonds HOF status, why Lincecum hasn't signed long term, and if the Giants are done wheeling and dealing. Larry and John get into it, and Gary is uncomfortable. Kate remains neutral.

1/25 - Greg Amsinger, MLB Network

The terrific Greg Amsinger of MLB Network joins Gary and Larry once again to break down the free agents signed, where he thinks Lincecum may end up (this is good) and which Matt he prefers at the MLB Network Matt Vasgersian or Matt Yallof.

Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20 - Dan Fouts, Hall of Fame QB

The legendary Hall of Fame QB for the Chargers, Dan Fouts, is in town broadcasting the game for Westwood One along with Kevin Harlan and Mark Malone and he talks with Gary and Larry about his time at Saint Ignatius, broadcasting for ESPN, playing at Oregon and then something about a big game this weekend. Giants, Saints? I don't remember.

Who's got it better than us...? Patriots?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/19 - Joe Theismann, NFL Network Analyst

The great Joe Theismann joins Larry and Gary to talk about the surprise 49ers and how they have achieved what they have so far. He then talks about the Giants and how they will try and run the ball and how Eli has evolved. They then talk about his brutal leg break on National TV...and they feel sorry for him. Then he picks the Giants, and nobody cares.

1/19 - Charley Casserly, CBS Sports Analyst

Charley Casserly of CBS sports, joins Gary and Larry to talk about his time as the General Manager of the Texans and the Redskins and Gary mentions his twitter handle 43 times. Charley then talks about the murky picture of the Raiders head coaching job, if he would've done the Carson Palmer trade and what he thinks of the job Trent Baalke has done with this roster and coaching staff.

1/19 - Bob Papa, Play-by-Play NY Giants

Bob Papa the voice for the Giants for over a decade joins the show to talk about latching on with Big Blue in 1988 and how he became their radio voice. He then talks about the Giants coming in and they roll they've been on and which players the 49ers have to be weary of.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/12 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle Columnist

The tremendous columnist from the SF Chronicle, Bruce Jenkins, joins the show with Gary and Larry to break down the Bay Area sports scene. He delves into the 49ers chances n Saturday and then we talk about what his philosophy is when he votes on the Hall of Fame for Major League Baseball. He weighs in on McGwire, Sosa, Piazza, Bonds and whether or not they should be in.

We didn't get into his NBA experience at Oracle, but it's worth a read as well.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1/10 - Mike Triplett, Saints Beat Writer

The former Bay Area scribe, and current Saints Beat Writer for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Mike Triplett, joined Gary and Larry to talk about all things Saints. From Sean Payotn to Darren Sproles everything is covered. Why did Gregg Williams blitz in the preseason and how nice of guy is Drew Brees actually is? Both questions are answered and in that order.

1/11 - Daryl Johnston, FOX Sports

The man at the mic for the 49er game on FOX this Saturday, the great Daryl Peter "Moose" Johnston of Cowboys fame joins the show to talk about being hated in the Bay Area, how good Drew Brees is and what he thinks will be the key to a victory for the 49ers. Hint: It's Turnovers. It's always turnovers.

1/11 - Bill Johnson, ESPN Radio Milwaukee

The King of Milwaukee radio, Bill Johnson joins the show to talk about the Reggie McKenzie era beginning in earnest in Oakland. He throws in his two cents on who he think will coach the Raiders and who may come with him. Who's better Favre or Rodgers? And since the first game is a scant 97 days away, Ryan Braun was brought up.

1/11 - Bob Myers, Warriors Assistant GM

After the huge win by the Warriors against the HEAT in OT, the effervescent Bob Myers joins the show to talk with Larry and Gary about acquiring Nate Robinson, Coach Mark Jackson and addressed trade rumors as well. Do you happen to have any warm milk?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

1/5 - Heath Evans, NFL Network Analyst

Heath Evans of the NFL Network joins the program to talk about the NFL playoffs this weekend, who's better Brees or Rodgers and what he thinks the 49ers can do in the playoffs after the bye week. Follow Heath at @HeathEvans for more of his insight.

1/5 - Tony La Russa, Former MLB Manager

Tony La Russa takes time out from his schedule and calls Gary and Larry to talk about the Albert Pujols decision, what he thinks of new manager Mike Matheny how he knows Jim Harbaugh and a job he would want in the MLB. As always, visit www.arf.net for more details about Tony's charitable endeavors as well.

1/5 - Dave Sims, Westwood One

The great Dave Sims of Westwood broadcast fame joins the show to talk about everything but the NFL playoffs. The guys talk to Dave about working Mariner games, doing shows with Coach K, Jon Gruden's appeal and yes, eventually, the NFL playoffs. KNBR will carry all the NFL playoffs on KNBR 680/1050.