Friday, December 30, 2011

12/30 - Don Banks, NFL Writer Sports Illustrated

12/29 - Susan Slusser, SF Chronicle

A's beat writer for the SF Chronicle, Susan Slusser, joins Larry to talk about another A's trade postmortem this time involving Ryan Sweeney and Andrew Bailey. Susan talks about the off season moves, and what the viability of a stadium in San Jose.

12/30 - Tony Softli, Rams Sideline Reporter for ESPN 101

The great former player personnel man from the Rams and current insider for ESPN 101 in St Louis, Tony Softli joins Larry to talk about the 49ers and Rams. He talks about interviewing with the 49ers for their vacant GM spot in the offseason, what he thought about Aldon Smith before the draft and what he thinks the Rams would do if they get the first pick in the draft.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/28 - David Shaw, Stanford Football Head Coach

Head Coach of the Stanford Cardinal, David Shaw, joins Larry to talk about the upcoming Fiesta Bowl with OK State. David Shaw talks about Andrew Luck losing out on the Heisman due to some irrational voters, if he has any regrets this year, how they will try and defend Justin Blackmon and who some breakout stars maybe for Stanford next year.

Friday, December 23, 2011

12/23 - Ric Bucher, ESPN NBA

Ric Bucher of and ESPN the Magazine joins the show and gives us the official NBA preview. He talks about the climbling Clippers, the woeful Warriors and the caustic Kings. Alliteration free of charge.

12/23 - Bruce Marshall, Gold Sheet

Bruce Marshall from the Gold Sheet is here preview the weekend NFL and College Bowl action the rest of the week and weekend.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12/21 - Jeff Tedford, Cal Bears Head Coach

The head coach for your Cal Golden Bears joins Larry to talk about all things college football. With the upcoming Holiday Bowl, Coach Tedford talks about the growth of Zach Maynard, the great WRs in Marvin Jones and Kennan Allen, and he also chats about who he thinks the best coaches are in the college ranks. Coach also delves into one of the most famous players to ever be under his tutelage, Aaron Rodgers.

Friday, December 16, 2011

12/16 - Mychal Thompson, Lakers Radio Analyst

Lakers Radio Analyst and father of Warriors rookie Klay Thompson, joins the show to talk about the Lakers getting taken by the NBA and David Stern and what he thinks his soon will do his rookie year.

12/16 - Larry Baer, SF Giants President

The President of the SF Giants joins Larry to talk about all things Giants and the MLB. He talks about free agency, who he thinks the best team in the NL West is, if Tim Lincecum will be traded, what he thinks about the Marlins off-season spending and their current stance on the A's potential move to San Jose.

12/16 - Oliver Luck, WVU Athletic Director

Bay Area Father's Day continues with Oliver Luck, father of Stanford QB Andrew Luck, who talks about his son just missing out on the Heisman, why he came back for another year, what he thought about Archie Manning's comments and what he thinks about conference expansion.

12/15 - Mike Pereira, FOX Officiating Analyst

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12/14 - Victor Conte, Former Proprietor of BALCO

The man behind the steroids scandal and former BALCO founder, Victor Conte, joins the show to talk about the recent suspension of Ryan Braun for PED usage. Victor talks about what percentage of MLB players maybe using and what he think the MLB can do to curb the usage of PEDs.

Friday, December 9, 2011

12/7 - Matt Vasgersian, MLB Network

Live from a Dallas hotel room at the Winter Meetings, Matt Vasgersian of MLB Network Fame gives us a real time look at the Albert Pujols sweepstakes. He gives us his educated guess or where Pujols and Fielder end up and regales us with stories of social media gone wrong. Gary informs the listeners that "he made him" adding to the ever growing list.

12/6 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle Columnist

The tremendous columnist from the SF Chronicle Bruce Jenkins joins Gary and Larry to talk all things NBA. He addresses the Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler rumors and tells everyone to just relax for a minute. Larry thinks he sides with him, Gary thinks he sides with him...but they all part as friends. Ray Ratto is mentioned.

12/9 - Rusty Simmons, SF Chronicle Beat Writer

Quite possibly the best beat writer in the Bay Area, Rusty Simmons of the Chronicle breaks down the news from this morning on the Warriors "impending" move to SF in 2017-18. In the much more immediate future, Larry and Rusty hold their own impromptu big man camp and break down, Chandler, Nene, DeAndre and Biedrins. Dwight Howard was not brought up.

12/9 - Matt Barrows, 49ers Beat Writer Sacramento Bee

Matty Barrows for the Sac Bee joins Larry for a hardcore football 10am in the morning. The guys go over the injury report, DeSean Jackson with the 49ers, what the team would like to see from Alex and what to be nervous about playing the Cards. It's a trap(game)!

12/9 - Marty Lurie, Baseball Czar

Live from AZ the baseball man extraordinaire, Marty Lurie joins Larry Kreuger for a two segment spectacular. Larry talks about the Albert Pujols contract, what the Giants haven't done, with the A's will do and what will become of Hanley Ramirez. In one word this interview was FABULOUS. In two words, "It's baseball."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

12/8 - Peter King, Sports Illustrated

The caffeinated writer of the Monday Morning QB for Sports Illustrated joins Larry and Gary to talk about Tim Tebow, Jim Harbaugh, Mike McCarthy and if he thinks Peyton will play again if the Colts draft Andrew Luck. He also wrote a great piece on the after affects of playing in the NFL 25 years later. Find the article on the 1986 Bengals online at Sports

12/8 - Ric Bucher, ESPN NBA

Ric Bucher of and ESPN the Magazine joins us live from New York to talk Larry down from his stance of Steph Curry is better than Chris Paul. He talks about the likelihood that the Warriors make a splash starting on December the 9th and where he thinks Tyson Chandler might end up. Gary allows hims to go over his allotted time.

12/8 - Torry Holt, NFL Network

Taking time out from his schedule of watching tape of him burn Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster, the great Torry Holt of the NFL Network joins Gary and Larry to talk about his St. Louis contemporary Albert Pujols leaving St. Louis, what he thinks about the rise of the 49ers, and playing in an offense like they have with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Az-Zahir Hakim was mentioned.

Monday, December 5, 2011

12/5 - Blake Costanzo, 49ers

The great special teams player, Blake Costanzo joins the show to talk about clinching the division early, maybe making a pro bowl and what to expect the rest of the season. Who's got it better than them?

Probably the Packers.

Friday, December 2, 2011

12/1 - Joe Rose, Miami Sportscaster

The great Joe Rose otherwise known as the Miami Gary Radnich, joins the guys to talk about the Dolphins Raiders game this Sunday. He also gets into how close Jim Harbaugh came to coaching the Dolphins. And he also destroys Nick Saban on air. Enjoy.

12/1 - Larry Riley, Warriors GM

The GM of the Warriors joins Larry and Gary to talk about all things Warriors. He comments on the trade rumors for Monta, how happy he is to have the league back and calls out Gary for being cheap at a bookstore.