Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/20 - Jon Wilner, College Football Columnist

The great Jon Wilner makes some time for us today after Jeff Tedford had been axed at Cal. He talks about the options for the Cal at this point with coaching opportunities, what caused Tedford him to leave Cal and what the buyout numbers would be for his contract. 

11/20 - Mike Pereira, FOX Rules Analsyt

Mike Pereira joins Larry and Gary for his weekly hit to review the Stanford Oregon game over the weekend, break down some quick hits from NFL weekend and some calls by his ref friend in the 49er game yesterday. He also has some thoughts on the return of Kate Scott.

11/20 - Eric Davis, 49ers Radio Analyst

Eric Davis joins us to talk us down from the Colin Kaepernick enshrinement at Canton. He tells us who will start in New Orleans for the 49ers, how good Vernon Davis was last night, if Aldon Smith is the best pass rusher in football and how Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh designed a great gameplan.

11/20 - Vernon Davis, 49ers TE

The great Vernon Davis joins us fresh off his great game against the Bears on Monday Night. Once, Vernon finally wakes up, he talks about the QB controversy with Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick, if he likes run blocking for Frank Gore, what he does off the field and then we try once again to get him to tell us who is starting in New Orleans.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11/14 - Frank Thomas, Former Baseball Great

Frank Thomas joins Larry and Gary to talk about his playing years and to promote his upcoming event with Big Hurt Beer. He then talks about the Marlins blowing up their team, if his old pal Ozzie Gullien would be back in the majors, if he was shocked what the A's did this year and if the Giants have a chance to yet again compete for a title.

11/14 - Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, NFL Network

NFL Network Analyst Akbar Gbaja-Biamila joins Larry and Gary from beautiful Culver City to break down last weeks NFL action. He calls the Jets a bad name for ripping Tebow, he breaks down if the 49ers are as good as they were last year, how long the Raiders will take to get their act together and then Larry makes him talk about his basketball days in high school. He obliges.

11/13 - Eric Davis, 49ers Radio Analyst

Eric Davis joins us for his weekly hit to chat all about the awful, awful tie on Sunday. He breaks down the QB depth chart, if Colin may start over Alex, if the defense has faltered in recent weeks and if they can beat the Bears this Monday.

11/13 - Mitch Lawrence, New York Daily News

Mitch Lawrence joins us from New York to talk all about the Lakers and their spurning of Phil Jackson and the hiring of former Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni. Mitch explains why Phil Jackson did not get the job, why D'Antoni maybe a better fit and if Andrew Bogut has a chance to play fully healthy this season. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11/6 - Eric Davis, 49ers Radio Analyst

Fresh off his show NFL AM on the NFL Network, Eric Davis joins Gary and Larry for his weekly hit to talk about the 49ers and the NFL weekend action. Eric tells us who he thinks is the best team in football, if 49ers can contend against the bigger teams, if he thinks the Eagles are done with Mike Vick and maybe something on the Rams. He also tells when he has to sleep to get up for the show in the morning. The answer may depress you.

11/6 - Jarrett Bell, NFL USA Today

The great Jarrett Bell joins us once again to talk some NFL with us. He talks about who he thinks is the best team in football, if teams made a mistake not going after Peyton Manning, how good Andrew Luck could be and how long Mike Vick and Andy Reid could last in Philly.

11/6 - David Shaw, Stanford Football Coach

The Head Coach of the Stanford Football Team, David Shaw, joins us in advance of the biggest game of the year in Palo Alto. Shaw talks about the process of switching QBs, what the plan is against Oregon State, which players in the FBS have impressed him the most and getting a chance to watch Andrew Luck on TV for the Colts.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/18 Heath Evans, NFL Network

Heath Evans of the NFL Network joins us to break down the game tonight on the NFL Network. He talks about the Giants beating up on Justin Smith, the better game plan utilized by New York, If he thinks Seattle stands a chance against the 49ers, and if Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh would be good coaches to play for.

10/18 - Adam Meyer, Football Prognosticator

Adam Meyer joins Larry a day early to give you a baseball pick, a preview of the big game and some of the NFL action this weekend.

10/17 - Eric Davis, 49ers Radio Analyst

Eric Davis joins us for his weekly segment to break down the Giants dominating win over the 49ers. He talks about Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick and if the media is talking about that too much. They also look ahead to the Seahawks matchup on Thursday night football.

10/17 - Matt Vasgersian, MLB Network

Matt Vasgersian joins us before he jumps on the FOX pregame to talk about the Giants and Cardinals. He breaks down the Holliday slide, who he thinks has the advantage in the series, how good Justin Verlander is and the Oakland A's wild ride this season.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

10/4 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle Columnist

Bruce Jenkins, the sage of Bay Area sports, joins Gary and Larry to chastise them for criticizing the A's for their celebrations. He then breaks down the AL MVP race and the Giants and A's chances to win against the Reds and Tigers respectively.

10/4 - Glen Kuiper, A's Play-by-Play for Comcast

1/3rd of the famous baseball Kuiper family, Glen Kuiper, joins Larry and Gary to break down the great, great, great A's game on Wednesday. He talks about the improbable run by the team, Bob Melvin keeping that team together, Billy Beane's offseason plan last year and the two celebrations in three days.

10/3 - Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated/MLB Network

The great Tom Verducci joins us to break down the playoff matchups and his postseason award predictions. He predicts who will win the MVP, Managers of the year and who he thinks is the most dangerous team entering October. He also delves into the great story of the Oakland Athletics. He did not, however, do the Bernie.

10/3 - Eric Davis, 49ers Radio Analyst

Eric Davis joins Gary and Larry to break down the weekend action with the 49ers and Jets. He talks about the beat down the 49ers put on the Jets, why the Jets should not start Tebow anytime soon and if he thinks they will be using Colin Kaepernick more this week against the Bills.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9/19 - Mike & Bob Bryan, The Bryan Brothers

The great Bryan Brothers join Gary and Larry to talk about their success for eight straight years, their first Olympic win and then playing this weekend and the ESurance Tennis Classic in Mill Valley. Go to http://www.tennisclassic.org/ for tickets. I fun time will be had by two of the best in the history of their sport. 

9/19 - Tim Kurkjian,Senior Writer ESPN Magazine

Tim Kurkjian joins Gary & Larry to talk about the pennant races that are coming down to the wire. He tells us who will win the AL MVP, AL Manager of the Year, if the A's will have enough to make the playoffs, if the Giants will make it back to the World Series and if he is smarter than Buster Olney. He is.

9/19 - Jarrett Bell, USA Today Football Columnist

Jarrett Bell joins Gary and Larry to talk about his him picking the 49ers starting 0-2. He then breakdowns his plea to the NFL to get the refs back, if the 49ers are glad they didn't sign Peyton Manning, what it was like to sit down for a long conversation with Cowboy owner Jerry Jones and again THEY NEED THE OLD REFS BACK!

9/19 - Brent Jones, 49er Great

The 2nd best TE in 49ers history joins Gary and Larry to talk about all thing 49ers. He talks about the improvement of Vernon Davis, a second year under Jim Harbaugh for Alex Smith, the ever improving defense and his charity with Larry Krueger that doesn't involve hot tubs.

9/18 - Eric Davis, 49ers Radio Analyst

Eric Davis joins us to break down the 49ers victory over the Lions. He talks about the great o-line, the improvement of Mike Crabtree, Randy Moss, and if Alex Smith is now an elite QB

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/12 - Hank Schulman, Giants/KNBR Insider

The great Henry Schulman joins us from Denver, Colorado to break down all things Broncos and Peyton Manning. Or not. He talks about the struggling starting rotation, Pablo's meeting with Bochy, a glimpse at tonight's lineup, if there is an issue with Posey catching certain people and who he thinks will make the (if they get there) playoff roster.

9/12 - David Forst, Assistant GM Oakland A's

David Forst join us live from Anaheim on the heels of another great win by the Athletics. He talks about the expectations of the team heading in, how the media made poor predictions about how many they would lose, an update on Brandon McCarthy's injury and if he's tired of being in Beane's shadow. That question of course from Gary Radnich. 

9/11 - Eric Davis, 49ers Radio Analyst

A day late, but still ready to go fresh off his 3am appearance on the NFL Network, Eric Davis joins Larry and Gary for his weekly hit with the guys. He talks about the new job at NFL AM, moving his family to LA, how well the 49ers played in Green Bay, what he thinks they can improve on and if they can be one of the best teams in the NFL.

Monday, July 30, 2012

7/30 - Ahmad Brooks, 49ers Linebacker

Ahamd Brooks joins the parade of guests today to talk about who's the hardest running back to tackle, if he's in the best shape of our life, what it's like now to be a full-time player and what the defense looks like for the upcoming year.

7/30 - Keena Turner, Vice President of Football Affairs

The great former 49er, Keena Turner, joins Gary and Larry to talk about the new season of 49er football, what he thought of the team last year, the progress of the stadium, and Harbaugh with the media.

7/30 - Brandon Jacobs, 49ers Running Back

The great, Brandon Jacobs joins Gary and Larry live from Santa Clara to talk about the 49ers opening of training camp. Brandon says why he left New York, what happened with the young fan that wanted him to stay, what he thinks of Jim Harbaugh and what he says to critics about his running style.

7/27 - Ned Colletti, Dodgers GM

Ned Colletti joins us live from LAX to talk about the upcoming series with the Giants, the Dodgers new ownership, if he could have got Hanley Ramirez last year and if they have anything else possibly in the works.

Friday, June 29, 2012

6/28 - Rusty Simmons, SF Warriors Beat Writer

Rusty Simmons joins us in advance of the NBA draft to say who the Warriors will draft, who will make the pick Lacob or Myers, and who impressed him in the predraft camp. Nicknames are included for no extra charge.

6/28 - Kevin Goldstein, Baseball Prospectus

The great, hatted, and cross armed, Kevin Goldstein joins Larry and Gary to talk about Tim Lincecum performance, if he would take Harper or Trout and who he thinks the top prospect in the minors may be.

6/29 - Festus Ezeli, Warriors Center

The newly minted Warriors Center, Festus Ezeli, joins Larry and Gary to talk about his time at Vanderbilt, working out for the Warriors, why he gets pedicures, what was it like to meet Eva Longoria and what he has heard about Warrior fans.

6/29 - Bob Myers, Warriors GM

The GM of your Golden State Warriors joins Gary and Larry from the practice facility to talk about the big draft from yesterday. He talks about Harrison Barnes critics, Ezeli slipping to them in the first, getting Draymond Green in the 2nd round and working the draft room with Joe Lacob and Jerry West.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

5/29 - Nino Giarratano/Kyle Zimmer, USF Dons

A double dose of USF Dons in studio as Coach Nino Giarratano and Pitching Prospect Kyle Zimmer join us to talk about the year for the Dons and where and when they expect to go in the upcoming MLB Draft.

5/31 - Rusty Simmons, SF Chronicle Beat Writer

Rusty Simmons joins us from the Big Apple for his behind the scenes look at the draft lottery. They talk about Joe Lacob's panicking moments, Peter Guber's shark tooth, Dominic McGuire,Kirk Lacob's role with the team and if he respects Larry Kreuger. He does not.

5/30 - Henry "Hank" Schulman, Giants Beat Writer SF Chronicle

KNBR  Insider Hammerin' Hank Schulman joins Gary and Larry to talk about resigning Melky, 200 hits in a season, Barry Bonds role with the team and  what he expects from Tim Lincecum for the rest of the year.

5/31 - Fran Fraschilla, ESPN College Basketball Analyst

Fran Fraschilla joins Gary and Larry to talk about the Warrior's 7th pick in the first round. They go in-depth (maybe not Gary) with the big draft class and figure who maybe hanging around late for the W's to snag. Perry Jones III, Harrison Barnes and Jared Sullinger were all discussed. Gary was disgusted.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

04/19 - NFL Draft Preview Show with Larry Krueger and Patrick Connor Hour 2

Hour 2 of the NFL Draft Special with Larry Krueger and Patrick Conner. Guests include former Stanford player Coby Fleener, Greg Cosell and Kevin Lynch.

04/19 - NFL Draft Preview Show with Larry Krueger and Patrick Connor Hour 1

Hour 1 of the NFL Draft Special with Larry Krueger and Patrick Conner. Hour 1 features 49ers defensive coach Jim Tomsula.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/18 - Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe National Baseball Columnist

The great Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe joins Gary and Larry to talk about the Red Sox failings, Bobby V putting his foot in his mouth and we then take a quick look around the league as well. No mentions of Cody Ross.

4/17 - Randy Hahn, Sharks TV Play-by-Play

Randy Hahn join us to talk about the Game three loss to the Blues, what he expects might be in store in terms of lineup changes and what Sharks need to do to take Game four.

Monday, April 16, 2012

4/16 - Marcos Breton, Sacramento Bee

The great and longtime columnist for the Sacramento Bee, Marcos Breton, joins the show to talk about the Kings, Mayor Kevin Johnson and the Maloofs.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

4/12 - Dan Rusanowsky, Sharks Radio Play-by-Play

Live from St. Louis, Dan Rusanowsky joins us to talk about playoff beards, Jumbo Joe, Little Joe, medium sized Logan Couture, and what the Sharks are going to have to do to beat the Blues this series.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11 - Delanie Walker, 49ers TE

Delanie Walker joins Larry to talk about some of the 49er players and the search for the missing teen Sierra LaMar and how people can help with the effort. He delves into the search and talk about his young son as well.

The Anonymous tip line for any information can be reached at (408) 808-4431.

4/11 - Ric Bucher, ESPN the Magazine

Live from Cleveland on the heels of Bobcats and the Cavs....wow.

But anyway Ric Bucher talks to us about long suffering Warrior fans and what happened to Lamar Odom in Dallas. He also talks about the viability of Odom to the Warriors.

4/11 - Larry Baer, Giants President

Larry Baer joins Larry Kreuger for a big time Giants discussion on the urban development at Mission Bay, Matt Cain's contract, Tim Lincecum and also his thoughts on Ozzie Gullien as well.

4/10 - Todd Husak, Stanford Football Analyst

For all your NFL and upcoming draft needs former Stanford QB Todd Husak joins Larry in studio for a couple of segments to chat about Andrew Luck, Coby Fleener and what the 49ers maybe looking at come April 26th.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/10 - John Shea, SF Chronicle National Baseball Writer

John Shea, of SF Chronicle fame joins Larry to talk about Zito, Zito, and Zito. John tells us how unexpected his start was, if he can keep it up, what Brandon Belt's benching means and then delves into Ozzie Gullien and what A's outfielder Yoensis Cespedes thinks about the statement from Ozzie.